11/07/1941 (83 Years)
Constituency Name
104 Nazira L.A.C, Assam (Assam) constituency,at Serial no 136 in Part no 16
Father Name
Late Manik Borgohian
Educational Details
Post Graduate (B.A[Hons.] Guwahati University, Degree Secured In 1961 Through Sivasagar College)
Spouse Name
Amiya Borgohain
Spouse Professtion

Personal Life & Political Career

Drupad Borgohain (born 7 November 1941) is an Indian politician.He is a veteran leader of the left-wing in the Assam state.  As of 2014 he is the secretary of the Assam State Council of the Communist Party of India (CPI), a position he has held since 1987.  As of 2010 he served as president of Assam state council of All India Kisan Sabha (peasants' movement).

Youth movement

Drupad Borgohain was born on 7 November 1941 (anniversary of the October Revolution).He lives in Maduri village, Sivasagar district. He is the son of Manik Chandra Borgohain and Rupeswari Borgohain. He studied at Nazira High School and Sivasagar College. He obtained a B.A. (Hons.) degree. A teacher by profession, he worked at the Maduri Middle Vernacular School during 1960–1961. He went on to teach at the Chakimukh Middle English School between October 1961 and January 1963, and then at Nazira Higher Secondary Multi Purpose School from 1 February 1963 until 31 December 1982. He became a CPI party member in April 1963. He was active in the All India Youth Federation between 1965 and 1978, being elected to its National Council. He served as Joint Secretary of the Assam State Council of AIYF between 1965 and 1968, then becoming the president of the Assam State Council.

Party whole-timer

 Borgohain resigned from his teaching job to become a political whole-timer in 1982. He stood as the CPI candidate in the Nazira seat in the 1983 Assam Legislative Assembly election. He finished in second place with 2,460 votes (18.83% of the votes in the constituency), being defeated by Hiteswar Saikia of the Indian National Congress.

Parliamentarian and state legislator

Borgohain was a member of the Rajya Sabha (upper house of the Parliament of India) between April 1998 and April 2004.  He stood as a candidate in the Jorhat Lok Sabha seat in the 2004 general election. Borgohain finished in second place with 172,332 votes (25.84% of the votes in the constituency).

Borgohain contested the 2006 Assam Legislative Assembly election. He won the Nazira seat, defeating the Congress Party candidate Hemoprova Saikia a Handloom and Textiles Minister of the state government.  Borgohain obtained 37,623 votes (44.62%).

Borgohain again contested the Jorhat seat in the 2009 general election. He finished in third place with 74,185 votes (9.72%). He obtained 22.21% of the votes in the Nazira assembly segment, but merely 3.8% of the votes in the Jorhat assembly segment.  Borgohain lost the Nazira assembly seat in the 2011 election. He finished in second place with 18,700 votes (22.58), being defeated by Debabrata Saikia of the Congress Party.

2014 election 

CPI launched Borgohain as its candidate in the Jorhat seat in the 2014 Lok Sabha election.His candidature received support from the Communist Party of India.

Details of PAN and status of Income Tax return*

Relation Type PAN Given Financial Year Total Income Shown in ITR
self Y 2013 - 2014 Rs 5,94,000 ~ 5 Lacs+
spouse N None Rs 0 ~
dependent1 N None Rs 0 ~
dependent2 N None Rs 0 ~
dependent3 N None Rs 0 ~

Details of Criminal Cases*

No criminal cases

Details of Movable Assets*

Sr No Description self spouse dependent1 dependent2 dependent3
i Cash 10,000  10 Thou+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 10,000
10 Thou+
ii Deposits in Banks, Financial Institutions and Non-Banking Financial Companies SBI, Nazira, A/C No.-33636601427
2,00,000  2 Lacs+

A/C No.-30195960087
3,49,690  3 Lacs+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 5,49,690
5 Lacs+
iii Bonds, Debentures and Shares in companies Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
iv (a)
NSS, Postal Savings etc
30,000  30 Thou+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 30,000
30 Thou+
LIC or other insurance Policies
Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
v Personal loans/advance given Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
vi Motor Vehicles (details of make, etc.) One Bolero AS-01-AA-6531, Model 2006
5,85,000  5 Lacs+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 5,85,000
5 Lacs+
vii Jewellery (give details weight value) Nil Jewellery Of 1 Tola
30,000  30 Thou+
Nil Nil Nil Rs 30,000
30 Thou+
viii Other assets, such as values of claims / interests Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
Gross Total Value (as per Affidavit) 11,64,690  11 Lacs+ 30,000  30 Thou+ Nil Nil Nil Rs 11,94,690
11 Lacs+
Totals (Calculated as Sum of Values) Rs 11,74,690
11 Lacs+
Rs 30,000
30 Thou+
Nil Nil Nil Rs 12,04,690
12 Lacs+

Details of Immovable Assets*

Details of Liabilities*

Note:(*) This information is based on affidavit filled by candidates in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. Latest data will be displayed once available.

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