Please note that the Candidates personal information displayed on the website is collected from the sworn affidavits filed by the candidates during election nomination process.  Utmost care has been taken to make sure the data pulled from scanned affidavits is correct but due to the large volume and the low quality of those scanned affidavits, there is a possibility of wrong data displayed on this Website. Hence MyVoteMyIndia does not claims or guarantees to display hundred percent accurate data. The Website also provided a link to download scanned affidavits. Hence In case of any discrepancy between this website and affidavit, the original affidavit should be considered accurate. Please report any discrepancy to us so that we can correct and display the most accurate information. 

Another point to be noted is that some of the candidate information, even though correctly displayed from affidavit, may be outdated due to the time gap between the date the nomination was filed and current date. 

The information displayed about the candidates which is not part of affidavits, is sourced from other publicly available portals. MyVoteMyIndia makes sure to display correct information but again hundred percent currently accurate information cannot be guaranteed.

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