05/30/1985 (39 Years)
Constituency Name
58, Laxminagar (Delhi) constituency , at Serial no 1237 in Part no 89
Father Name
Sh. Ummed Singh
Educational Details
Graduate (Graduate From Delhi University, Post Graduation From I.G.N.O.U. Delhi.)
Spouse Professtion
Govt. Employee, Rashtriya Sanskriti Sanathan, Jaipur

Personal Life & Political Career

Details of PAN and status of Income Tax return*

Relation TypePAN GivenFinancial YearTotal Income Shown in ITR
selfY2013 - 2014Rs 3,48,000 ~ 3 Lacs+
spouseY2013 - 2014Rs 2,05,128 ~ 2 Lacs+
dependent1NNoneRs 0 ~
dependent2NNoneRs 0 ~
dependent3NNoneRs 0 ~

Details of Criminal Cases*

No criminal cases

Details of Movable Assets*

Sr NoDescriptionselfspousedependent1dependent2dependent3
iCash 35,000  35 Thou+

2,000  2 Thou+

NilNilNil Rs 37,000
37 Thou+
iiDeposits in Banks, Financial Institutions and Non-Banking Financial CompaniesSaving Bank A/C In State Bank Of Hydrabad
1,500  1 Thou+

A/C No.62048030165
64,025  64 Thou+

Shivani Films A/C No.1443002110098207 In PNB, New A/C NO.17260100000389
2,000  2 Thou+

IOB A/C No.172602000009197

Devi Singh Election A/c 1726001000003852
2,000  2 Thou+

A/C No.1226266264
1,00,000  1 Lacs+

SBI A/C Union Bank Of India
36,544  36 Thou+

NilNilNil Rs 2,06,069
2 Lacs+
iiiBonds, Debentures and Shares in companiesNilNilNilNilNil Nil
NSS, Postal Savings etc
NilNilNilNilNil Nil
LIC or other insurance Policies
NilNilNilNilNil Nil
vPersonal loans/advance given NilNilNilNilNil Nil
viMotor Vehicles (details of make, etc.)Car Ford DL.3 C AN 0728, In 2005
2,50,000  2 Lacs+

NilNilNilNil Rs 2,50,000
2 Lacs+
viiJewellery (give details weight value)1 Gold Ring And Chain
35,000  35 Thou+

Gold Worth
25,000  25 Thou+

NilNilNil Rs 60,000
60 Thou+
viiiOther assets, such as values of claims / interestsNilNilNilNilNil Nil
Gross Total Value (as per Affidavit) 35,000  35 Thou+ 2,50,000  2 Lacs+ Nil Nil Nil Rs 2,85,000
2 Lacs+
Totals (Calculated as Sum of Values) Rs 3,89,525
3 Lacs+
Rs 1,63,544
1 Lacs+
Rs 5,53,069
5 Lacs+

Details of Immovable Assets*

Details of Liabilities*

Note:(*) This information is based on affidavit filled by candidates in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. Latest data will be displayed once available.

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