Actor, politician
12/25/1974 (50 Years)
Constituency Name
29 Mumbai North Central (Uttar Pradesh) constituency , at Serial no 1046 in Part no 269
Father Name
Late Shri Moraraji Arvind
Educational Details
Graduate (B.Com Mumbai University)

Personal Life & Political Career

Nagma (born Nandita Arvind Morarji on December 25, 1974) is an Indian politician and former actress. She is best known for her roles in Telugu and Tamil films such as Gharana Mogudu, Kadhalan, Baashha and many others. Nagma in a wide range of Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Punjabi and Marathi.

Acting career

Nagma's first film, Baghi: Rebel for Love, opposite Salman Khan, was the seventh most commendable film of Hindi cinema in 1990 [6]. Along with Karisma Kapoor, she was also in 1994 with Suhaag with Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar. As a result of these films, she moved south to play Telugu and Tamil films at the request of her friend Divya Bharti. Explaining her evolution, she cited that he was more aware of the quality of the work, in terms of roles and his talent for traveling across India. She said: "Language has never been an obstacle. adventure, culture and respect for Indian tradition ".

His Telugu films include Gharana Mogudu from 1992 with Chiranjeevi, Allari Alludu with Nagarjuna Akkineni and Major Chandrakanth with N. T. Rama Rao and Mohan Babu. His Tamil films at the Baasha with Rajnikanth and Kadhalan with Prabhu Deva in 1994.

After returning to Mumbai, she told an interviewer in 2001: "The press is the number one Tamil filmmaker touching me. I was dissatisfied with the kind of movies I did. I could not do the kind of work that I wanted because I had to follow the precepts of what the audience was participating in a very popular actress. I was stagnating so I decided to take a break. "[7] Also in Hindi cinema, she focused on supporting roles in films like Chal Mere Bhai from 2000, which reunited with former co-stars Karisma Kapoor, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. for a year, Nagma enrolled in the Spiritually Oriented Art of Living to end herself in Bombay and elsewhere. [8] She continued to work in some Telugu films and Tamil, such as Allari Ramudu and Citizen, and played leading roles in some Malayalam films.

Nagma played in Bhojpuri's films, including movies with Ravi Kishan, a Big Boss participant. She won Best Actress at the 2005 Bhojpuri Film Awards for her performance in Dulha Milal Dildar. [9] In 2006, Ganga, she starred in the title role opposite Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini. When asked why she was turning to Bhojpuri films, she said, "I want to make movies in different languages, I've already made movies in 10 languages." My first film, Bhojpuri, was summer [10] After being interviewed by The Hindu in Delhi in April 2007, she said another important reason for her decision to focus on movies was to contribute to her political campaign.

In 2006, she made her Punjabi cinema debut alongside Raj Babbar in Ek Jind Ek Jaan.

Discussing her career in a mid-day interview in September 2006, Nagma said, "I learned nine languages, so I want to make movies in all languages." On the Hindi film front, I'm signing a Grand thriller I'm starting to play various roles with content, so I'm satisfied. "Everything is to be done to make several movies. after finishing his projects. [Unreliable source?] She discusses her plans for film and politics, Nagma answered a question about her reputation for controversy saying: Of course, whether for negative or positive reasons.


A strong supporter of the Indian National Congress of India, she was not officially a member of the Congress Party in New York. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Candidate of the election of General Lok Sabha according to a report of the Indo-Asian press service of his admiration for Rajiv Gandhi.

In 2006, she made a direct link between her family history and her political activism: "My mother is Muslim and my father is Hindu. Something. So I joined politics. "She had to turn down a bid for the Indian Lok Sabha in 2003 because of her many visual commitments." If I were to become a member of Parliament, I would have to give 100% to my constituency - which I could not do at that time -the.

Details of PAN and status of Income Tax return*

Relation Type PAN Given Financial Year Total Income Shown in ITR
self Y 2012 - 2013 Rs 13,90,080 ~ 13 Lacs+
spouse N None Rs 0 ~
dependent1 N None Rs 0 ~
dependent2 N None Rs 0 ~
dependent3 N None Rs 0 ~

Details of Criminal Cases*

No criminal cases

Details of Movable Assets*

Sr No Description self spouse dependent1 dependent2 dependent3
i Cash 80,000  80 Thou+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 80,000
80 Thou+
ii Deposits in Banks, Financial Institutions and Non-Banking Financial Companies A/c No. 2221 Corp. Bank
4,10,780  4 Lacs+

A/c No. 000028 Corp. Bank
17,367  17 Thou+

New India Co-op. Bank
20,176  20 Thou+

Corp. Bank FDR
37,108  37 Thou+

Corp. Bank FDR
30,000  30 Thou+

Corp. Bank FDR
2,21,659  2 Lacs+

Corp. Bank Chennai
0*(Value Not Given)  

PPF State Bank Of India, Bandra
9,40,382  9 Lacs+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 16,77,472
16 Lacs+
iii Bonds, Debentures and Shares in companies Equity Share New India Co-op. Bank, UTI
8,104  8 Thou+

10,000  10 Thou+

Rainbow Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
50,000  50 Thou+

PRM Property Pvt. Ltd. 9500 Equity Shares
95,000  95 Thou+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 1,63,104
1 Lacs+
iv (a)
NSS, Postal Savings etc
Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil Nil
LIC or other insurance Policies
LIC Wealth Plus Policy No. 903708367
25,00,000  25 Lacs+

LIC Jeevan Saral No. 893840282
12,50,000  12 Lacs+

LIC Policy No. 900232467
50,000  50 Thou+

LIC Policy No. 900232465
1,00,000  1 Lacs+

LIC Policy No. 900243458
50,000  50 Thou+

LIC Jeewan Suraksha Policy No. 906337153
18,066  18 Thou+

Tata AIG Policy No. U34098632
5,00,000  5 Lacs+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 44,68,066
44 Lacs+
v Personal loans/advance given Advance Deposits
4,91,798  4 Lacs+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 4,91,798
4 Lacs+
vi Motor Vehicles (details of make, etc.) Mercedes Benz Car B-Class CBUW246 Sports Turar, Chechis WDD24624222J211665 Eng. No. 27091030280785
32,82,733  32 Lacs+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 32,82,733
32 Lacs+
vii Jewellery (give details weight value) Gold, 1846.70 Weight
48,85,677  48 Lacs+

1,64,300  1 Lacs+

Silver, Weight 1.5 Kgs
69,900  69 Thou+

64,55,567  64 Lacs+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 1,15,75,444
1 Crore+
viii Other assets, such as values of claims / interests Furniture, AC, Electrical Goods, and Other Home Goods
10,00,000  10 Lacs+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 10,00,000
10 Lacs+
Gross Total Value (as per Affidavit) 2,26,68,719  2 Crore+ Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 2,26,68,719
2 Crore+
Totals (Calculated as Sum of Values) Rs 2,27,38,617
2 Crore+
Nil Nil Nil Nil Rs 2,27,38,617
2 Crore+

Details of Immovable Assets*

Details of Liabilities*

Note:(*) This information is based on affidavit filled by candidates in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. Latest data will be displayed once available.

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