Lok Sabha Election 2019: An alliance game

With the 2019 Lok Sabha Election polls shaping up to be a battle of alliances, parties have begun jockeying for the best deals. And it seems that BJP is moving faster. This was justified by Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar’s recent announcement that his JD (U) party had come to sharing a respectable seat sharing with BJP. This idea did not reveal by the Chief Minister itself but that an understanding has been reached well in advance of the lok sabha election 2019.

Similarly, in Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has decided to   dissolve the state assembly to facilitate for early polls in coming lok sabha election 2019. And although his party called TRS hasn’t announced any formal alliances so far, the very fact that KCR made disparaging remarks about congress president Rahul Gandhi.

But the most politically impactful alliances of 2019 lok sabha election, must materialize, will be the one between BSP and SP in Utter Pradesh. It was proved when BJP had won a massive 71 out of 80 seats in UP in 2014. This was basically helped by a split in the Dalit and Muslim votes and a consolidation of nonyadav OBC votes. If these two parties want to earn the votes first, they can neglect this and can make an alliance against BJP.

BSP drew a blank in 2014 and fared poorly in the 2017 assembly polls. Thus, the next generation election will be a do or die scenario for BSP chief Mayawati. The question comes into the mind that she might go it alone she gets unless she gets a respectable number of seats to contest. If we really think about opposite parties, they need to develop the proper chemistry with each other for lok sabha election 2019.

So, small parties in Uttar Pradesh such as the Nishad party, Apna Dal(S) and AIMIM may not count in lok sabha election 2019, but surely, they are pitching themselves as potential “game changers” in the BJP versus opposition battle in the state by creating a big difference.

As per the assembly polls, smaller political parties always play a key role in transferring their “dedicated” vote bank to their allies, but in Lok Sabha elections such parties have traditionally struggled to make a big impact.

However, several parties such as the NISHAD Party, Peace Party, Apna Dal (Sonelal), Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party (BSP) and the All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen (AIMIM) are considering themselves as attractive allies for the lok sabha election 2019 polls, asserting that in close contests their transfer of vote bank would decisively influence the outcome in the state. that is the reason big parties are making them convenience to make the huge difference. for upcoming elections.

Thus,It is likely that they would be given very few seats to contest, but these parties believe that they would be able to swing the result in favour of bigger alliance partners by transferring their vote bank.So, BJP chief Amit Shah trying to lure them.

If we see the current scenario, the SP (Samajwadi Party) and the BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party), NISHAD Party, Peace Party, and the Rashtriya Lok Dal will fight the lok sabha election 2019 polls together and could  be the chances for giving their words to the congress.

NISHAD- Nirbal Indian Soshit Hamara Aam Dal- was corely formed for empowerment for those such as boatmen and fishermen whose traditional occupations depended mainly on rivers. the founder of NISHAD is Sanjay Nishad, was a former member of the BSP. There is a saying that he is seeking five seats out of six.

Small Parties in the state are just not demanding the part of the great alliance, but some of them are already started working with big party called BJP for lok sabha election 2019. One such party is Apna Dal, whose main leader is the union minister in NDA government.

Anupriya Patel, leader of Apna Dal stated that their alliance with BJP has been in place since 2007 and what will be the strategy and preconditions has not been decided yet. In confidence we are still together and trusted ally with BJP for lok sabha election 2019.

The AIMIM is keen to take on the BJP by joining hands with the grand opposition alliance taking shape in the state, but it’s not happy with the response of opposition parties till now. AIMIM spokesperson Asim Waqar has said that “If we are side-lined and ignored, we know how to give a perfect reply” and stated that without alliance with small parties, the BJP cannot be stopped in lok sabha election 2019.

The Peace Party also keen to take on the BJP as part of the opposition coalition. Another small party who is going to make its presence in the 2019 parliamentary polls in UP is the SBSP, an ally of the BJP. All in all we can say that small parties could play a crucial role for upcoming elections. If there is a Mahagathbandhan, the role of smaller parties would be minimized in some context. but these smaller parties still can make a big difference, but not in a big way. and they can make a one-sided game for bigger parties. Let’s wait for the biggest war.

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